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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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DBA_ROLLING_PLAN displays the instructions which constitute the active upgrade plan. Each row in DBA_ROLLING_PLAN identifies a specific instruction scheduled to execute at a specific database. Instructions are created as a result of successful calls to the DBMS_ROLLING.BUILD_PLAN procedure.

During execution, groups of instructions are scheduled in batches to execute at remote databases. Groups of instructions are guaranteed to complete in BATCHID order.

Column Datatype NULL Description
REVISION NUMBER   Plan revision number associated with an instruction
BATCHID NUMBER   Identifier for a batch of instructions which are requested together
INSTID NUMBER   Identifier for a single instruction
SOURCE VARCHAR2(128)   Database unique name where an instruction executes
TARGET VARCHAR2(128)   The site where a given instruction will execute
PHASE VARCHAR2(14)   rolling operation phase in which an instruction executes
STATUS VARCHAR2(7)   Scheduling status of the instruction
PROGRESS VARCHAR2(10)   Execution progress of the instruction
DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(256)   Description of the instruction
EXEC_STATUS NUMBER   Status code returned from instruction execution
EXEC_INFO VARCHAR2(256)   Supplemental information obtained during instruction execution
EXEC_TIME TIMESTAMP(6)   Time of instruction execution
FINISH_TIME TIMESTAMP(6)   Time of instruction completion

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