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DBA_HOST_ACES describes access control entries defined in host access control lists.

Related View

USER_HOST_ACES describes the status of access control entries for the current user to access network hosts through PL/SQL network utility packages. This view does not display the ACE_ORDER, START_DATE, END_DATE, GRANT_TYPE, INVERTED_PRINCIPAL, PRINCIPAL, or PRINCIPAL_TYPE columns.

Column Datatype NULL Description
HOST VARCHAR2(1000) NOT NULL Network host
LOWER_PORT NUMBER(5)   Lower bound of the port range
UPPER_PORT NUMBER(5)   Upper bound of the port range
ACE_ORDER NUMBER NOT NULL Order number of the access control entry
START_DATE TIMESTAMP(6)   Start date of the access control entry
END_DATE TIMESTAMP(6)   End date of the access control entry
GRANT_TYPE VARCHAR2(5)   Indicates whether the access control entry grants or denies the privilege
INVERTED_PRINCIPAL VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether the principal is inverted or not
PRINCIPAL VARCHAR2(128)   Principal the privilege is applied to
PRINCIPAL_TYPE VARCHAR2(16)   Type of the principal
PRIVILEGE VARCHAR2(128)   Privilege

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