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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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V$BACKUP_PIECE displays information about backup pieces from the control file. Each backup set consists of one or more backup pieces.

Column Datatype Description
RECID NUMBER Backup piece record ID
STAMP NUMBER Backup piece record stamp
SET_STAMP NUMBER Backup set stamp
SET_COUNT NUMBER Backup set count
PIECE# NUMBER Backup piece number (1-N)
COPY# NUMBER Indicates the copy number for backup pieces created with duplex enabled. 1 if the backup piece is not duplexed.
DEVICE_TYPE VARCHAR2(17) Type of the device on which the backup piece resides. Set to DISK for backup sets on disk.


HANDLE VARCHAR2(513) Backup piece handle identifies the backup piece on restore
COMMENTS VARCHAR2(64) Comment returned by the operating system or storage subsystem. Set to NULL for backup pieces on disk. This value is informational only; not needed for restore.
MEDIA VARCHAR2(65) Name of the media on which the backup piece resides. This value is informational only; not needed for restore.
MEDIA_POOL NUMBER The media pool in which the copy resides. This is the same value that was entered in the POOL operand of the Recovery Manager BACKUP command.
CONCUR VARCHAR2(3) (YES | NO) Indicates whether the piece on a media that can be accessed concurrently
TAG VARCHAR2(32) Backup piece tag. The tag is specified at backup set level, but stored at piece level.
STATUS VARCHAR2(1) Indicates the status of the piece: A (available), D (deleted), or X (expired)
START_TIME DATE Starting time
ELAPSED_SECONDS NUMBER Number of elapsed seconds
DELETED VARCHAR2(3) (YES/NO) NO indicates that the file still exists. YES indicates the file no longer exists because it has been deleted.
BYTES NUMBER Size of the backup piece (in bytes)
IS_RECOVERY_DEST_FILE VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether the file was created in the fast recovery area (YES) or not (NO)
COMPRESSED VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether the backup piece is compressed (YES) or not (NO)
BACKED_BY_VSS VARCHAR2(3) Whether or not the file has been backed up by Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). This column is reserved for internal use.
ENCRYPTED VARCHAR2(3) A value of YES means an encrypted backup, otherwise not an encrypted backup.
BACKED_BY_OSB VARCHAR2(3) A value of YES means the backup was done to Oracle Secure Backup. Otherwise, backed up by other third party tape library.
FOR_XTTS VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether this is a cross platform backup piece:
  • YES: This is a cross platform backup piece.

  • NO: This is not a cross platform backup piece.

SAME_ENDIAN VARCHAR2(3) If the value of FOR_XTTS is YES, then this column indicates whether the backup piece has the same endianess as the current database (YES) or not (NO); otherwise NULL.
CON_ID NUMBER The ID of the container to which the data pertains. Possible values include:
  • 0: This value is used for rows containing data that pertain to the entire CDB. This value is also used for rows in non-CDBs.

  • 1: This value is used for rows containing data that pertain to only the root

  • n: Where n is the applicable container ID for the rows containing data