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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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V$ASM_ACFS_SEC_RULESET contains information about all Oracle ACFS security rule sets for each Oracle ACFS file system. This view also supports GV$ global views.

Column Datatype Description
RULESET_NAME VARCHAR2(256) Name of the ruleset
RULESET_OPTION VARCHAR2(8) The possible values are ANY_TRUE or ALL_TRUE
FS_NAME VARCHAR2(1024) Mount path name to identify the file system
VOL_DEVICE VARCHAR2(256) ADVM volume name
CON_ID NUMBER The ID of the container to which the data pertains. Possible values include:
  • 0: This value is used for rows containing data that pertain to the entire CDB. This value is also used for rows in non-CDBs.

  • 1: This value is used for rows containing data that pertain to only the root

  • n: Where n is the applicable container ID for the rows containing data

For this view, the value is always 0.

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To display information about Oracle ACFS file systems or volumes that are located on nodes in an Oracle Flex ASM configuration, you must connect to the Oracle ASM proxy instance instead of the local Oracle ASM instance. For information about Oracle Flex ASM, refer to Oracle Automatic Storage Management Administrator's Guide.