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Oracle® Database Reference
12c Release 1 (12.1)

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V$CON_SYSSTAT displays system statistics, including OLAP kernel statistics for the container from which it is queried. To find the name of the statistic associated with each statistic number (STATISTIC#), query the V$STATNAME view.

Column Datatype Description
STATISTIC# NUMBER Statistic number

Note: Statistics numbers are not guaranteed to remain constant from one release to another. Therefore, you should rely on the statistics name rather than its number in your applications.

NAME VARCHAR2(64) Statistic name. You can get a complete listing of statistic names by querying the V$STATNAME view.
CLASS NUMBER A number representing one or more statistics class. The following class numbers are additive:
  • 1 - User

  • 2 - Redo

  • 4 - Enqueue

  • 8 - Cache

  • 16 - OS

  • 32 - Real Application Clusters

  • 64 - SQL

  • 128 - Debug

VALUE NUMBER Statistic value
STAT_ID NUMBER Identifier of the statistic
CON_ID NUMBER When queried from a non-CDB, the statistics in that instance are returned, and the CON_ID value is set to 0.

When queried from the root of a CDB, the statistics in every container are returned, and the CON_ID value indicates the container to which the statistics belong.

When queried from a PDB, statistics in that PDB are returned, and the CON_ID value is set to the container ID for that PDB.