This screen shot shows the Database Home page in EM Express.

The Status section at the top left displays how long the database has been up, the database type, version, database name, platform name, host name, Oracle Home name, instance name, thread, and status of the archiver.

Below the Status section is the Incidents - Last 24 Hours section. The table in this section displays information about database incidents that have occurred in the past 24 hours. It has the Instance, Time, Incident, Problem, and Error columns.

Below the Incidents - Last 24 Hours section is the Running Jobs section. It shows information about database jobs that are currently running. The table in this section has the Instance, Owner, Name, Elapsed, and Started columns.

The Performance section at the top right shows the Activity Class tab, which has a chart that shows the values for CPU Cores, Wait, User I/O, and CPU activity. There is also a Services tab in the Performance section.

Below the Performance section is the Resources section. The Resources section has four charts:

Below the Resources section is the SQL Monitor - Last Hour (20 max) section. This chart shows the last 20 SQL statements that were monitored during the past hour and also any SQL statements that are currently running. The table includes the Status, Duration, SQL ID, Session ID, Parallel, Database Time, and SQL Text columns.