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SQL*Plus® User's Guide and Reference
Release 12.1

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Changes in This Release for SQL*Plus

This preface lists changes in the SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference

Changes in SQL*Plus Release 12.1

The following are changes in the SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference for SQL*Plus Release 12.1.

New Features

The following features are new in this release:

  • Support for Iterative Results (Implicit Results)

    SQL*Plus can now iteratively return results from a PL/SQL Statement without using a local ref cursor.

    See Fetching Iterative Results from a SELECT inside a PL/SQL Block.

  • Last Login Time

    SQL*Plus now displays the time you last logged on by default. This security feature can be turned off with a SQLPLUS command option -nologintime.

    See No Login Time Option

  • Displaying Invisible Columns

    SQL*Plus has a new SET command, SET COLINVI[SIBLE] to allow invisible column information to be viewed with the SQL*Plus DESCRIBE command. This feature is intended to assist in application development, and only expose new content when ready.


    See Oracle Database SQL Language Reference

  • Pluggable Database Support

    New STARTUP command options now support pluggable databases.

    There are three new SHOW command options to display information about pluggable databases: SHOW CON_ID, SHOW CON_NAME and SHOW PDBS.


    See SHOW

  • New Administrative Privileges

    The SQLPLUS and CONNECT commands now support the new user privileges SYSBACKUP |SYSDG |SYSKM and also the existing SYSASM |SYSDBA |SYSOPER privileges.

    See SQLPLUS Program Syntax


    See Oracle Database Administrator's Guide

Desupported Features

Some features previously described in this document are desupported in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1). See Oracle Database Upgrade Guide for a list of desupported features.