XmlContainerConfig::setPageSize API Ref

#include <DbXml.hpp>

void XmlContainerConfig::setPageSize(u_int32_t pageSize)

u_int32_t XmlContainerConfig::getPageSize()

Description: XmlContainerConfig::setPageSize

The XmlContainerConfig::setPageSize method sets the size of the pages used to store documents in the database. The size is specified in bytes in the range 512 bytes to 64K bytes. If no page size is specified the system will create containers with page size 8192 for node storage containers and 16384 for wholedoc storage containers. Page size affects the amount of I/O performed as well as granularity of locking as Berkeley DB performs page-level locking. These needs are often at odds with one another. The page size cannot be changed once a container has been created. This value is ignored unless the container is being created.



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