XmlQueryContext::setVariableValue API Ref

#include <DbXml.hpp>

void XmlQueryContext::setVariableValue( const std::string &name, const XmlValue &value);

bool XmlQueryContext::getVariableValue( const std::string &name, XmlValue &value);

void XmlQueryContext::setVariableValue( const std::string &name, const XmlResults &value);

bool XmlQueryContext::getVariableValue( const std::string &name, XmlResults &value);

Description: XmlQueryContext::setVariableValue

Creates an externally-declared XQuery variable by binding the specified value, or sequence of values, to the specified variable name.

The XmlQueryContext::setVariableValue method may be called at any time during the life of the application.

name value

Description: XmlQueryContext::getVariableValue

Returns the value that is bound to the specified variable. If there is no value binding then the function returns false and value is set to a null value (XmlValue::isNull() or XmlResults::isNull() returns true).

name value


The XmlQueryContext::getVariableValue method may fail and throw XmlException, encapsulating one of the following non-zero errors:



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