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Packages that use EvolveConfig
com.sleepycat.persist The Direct Persistence Layer (DPL) adds a persistent object model to the Berkeley DB transactional engine. 
com.sleepycat.persist.evolve Utilities for managing class evolution of persistent objects. 

Uses of EvolveConfig in com.sleepycat.persist

Methods in com.sleepycat.persist with parameters of type EvolveConfig
 EvolveStats EntityStore.evolve(EvolveConfig config)
          Performs conversion of unevolved objects in order to reduce lazy conversion overhead.

Uses of EvolveConfig in com.sleepycat.persist.evolve

Methods in com.sleepycat.persist.evolve that return EvolveConfig
 EvolveConfig EvolveConfig.clone()
          Returns a shallow copy of the configuration.
 EvolveConfig EvolveConfig.cloneConfig()
          Deprecated. As of JE 4.0.13, replaced by clone().


Berkeley DB XML
version 2.5.16

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