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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Data Integrator
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E16453-01
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3 Oracle Data Quality Installation Overview

This chapter describes the installation procedures for installing and configuring the Oracle Data Quality products for Oracle Data Integrator. The Oracle Data Quality products include Oracle Data Profiling. The components available for you to install will be based on your operating system platform.

3.1 Oracle Data Quality Components

Oracle Data Profiling and Data Quality for Oracle Data Integrator includes the following components:

3.2 Installation Roadmap

Table 3-1 describes the high-level tasks for installing and configuring Oracle Data Profiling and Quality for Oracle Data Integrator. The table also provides information on where to get more information about each task.

Table 3-1 Tasks in the Oracle Data Quality Products Installation Procedure

Task Description Documentation Mandatory or Optional?

Task 1 - Complete the installation planning requirements

Prior to installation you must prepare your system environment for installation. Review the general installation requirements for Oracle Data Quality products, as well as any specific configuration requirements.

For general planning information refer to the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Planning Guide.

For system requirements information, go to:

For Oracle Data Integrator-specific information, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Data Integrator


Task 2 - Run Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) to install Oracle Data Quality products.

The Oracle Universal Installer automates many of the Oracle Data Quality installation and configuration tasks.

See Section 4.2, "Installing Oracle Data Quality Products".


Task 3 - Perform any manual installation steps for the Oracle Data Quality and Oracle Data Profiling products.

After installing Oracle Data Quality and Oracle Data Profiling products, you may need to manually install additional components.

See Section 4.3, "Installing Additional Postal Tables".


Task 4 - Perform any post-installation configuration steps required for Oracle Data Quality components.

After installing Oracle Data Quality and Oracle Data Profiling products, you may need to configure the components before you can use them.

See Section 4.4, "Post-Installation Configuration Tasks".


Task 5 - If you are new to the Oracle Data Quality products, review the basic administration information.

The online help installed with the Oracle Data Profiling and Data Quality Client User Interface provides detailed information.

See the online help for Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality and the online help for Metabase Administrators.