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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Licensing Information
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E14860-18
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7 Oracle WebCenter

This chapter describes licensing for Oracle WebCenter products. It contains the following sections:

7.1 The Oracle WebCenter Product Family

Table 7-1 describes the functionality provided by each product in the Oracle WebCenter family:

Table 7-1 Oracle WebCenter Product Family

Product Description Included Features

WebLogic Portal

Complete Java EE Portal solution for transactional Web sites and enterprise portals.

  • WebLogic Portal

Oracle WebCenter Services

A rich collection of Web 2.0 services and features, including a Java EE portal framework.

  • WebCenter Framework

  • WebCenter Web 2.0 Services, including:

    - blogs

    - wikis

    - discussion forums

  • WebCenter Ensemble

  • WebCenter Analytics

  • GroupWare Portlets for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange

  • BPEL Worklist

  • Oracle Portlet Bridge

  • JSR 168 Container

  • Universal Content Management adapter

Oracle WebCenter Suite

Bundles Oracle's solutions for transactional Web sites, enterprise portals, team collaborative workspaces, and composite applications, providing a complete solution for customers seeking to implement these across the enterprise.

All WebCenter Services features, plus:

  • WebCenter Spaces

  • WebCenter Interaction

  • WebCenter Collaboration

  • WebLogic Portal

  • WebCenter Application Accelerator for .NET

  • WebCenter Console for Microsoft SharePoint

  • WebCenter Web Control Consumer for .NET

  • WebCenter Interaction Container for WSRP

  • WebCenter Content Services for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, EMC Documentum, and Microsoft Files

  • WebCenter Interaction Identity Service

  • Restricted use of Content Server

  • Restricted use of Secure Enterprise Search

  • Restricted use of WebLogic Communication Services and Oracle Communications Presence

  • Restricted use of Oracle Internet Directory

WebCenter Adapter

Provides standardized access to enterprise systems.

Separately licensed adapters available for:

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • IBM Lotus Domino

  • EMC Documentum

7.2 Management Pack for WebCenter Suite

This pack delivers comprehensive management and modeling capabilities for WebLogic Portal and WebCenter environments running in Oracle WebLogic Server as well as the underlying Java EE components. By combining contextual drill-down modeling capabilities with extensive metrics that can span containers horizontally as well as the entire vertical stack for Portal and Java EE, Management Pack for WebCenter Suite significantly reduces the cost and complexity of managing WebLogic Portal-based environments in development, testing, staging, and production environments.

For complete license details about Management Pack for WebCenter Suite, see "Oracle Middleware Enterprise Management" in Oracle Enterprise Manager Licensing Information. This document is available from the Oracle Enterprise Manager Documentation page at

7.3 Restricted Use Licenses

The following restricted use licenses are available when you license WebCenter Suite:

7.3.1 Identity Management

WebLogic Server is a prerequisite to WebCenter Suite. Customers can leverage WebLogic Server SAML support to enable Single Sign-On for WebCenter Suite applications or portals and WebCenter Suite delivered components. Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and Oracle Wallet are included for use with WebCenter Suite applications or portals and WebCenter Suite components with the following restrictions:

  • The use of OID is restricted to storing credentials and policies specific to WebCenter Suite and its delivered components.

  • The use of file-based Oracle Wallet is restricted to storing credentials specific to WebCenter Suite and its delivered components.

7.4 WebCenter Licensing with Oracle Internet Application Server

Customers who have previously licensed Oracle Internet Application Server as a pre-requisite for WebCenter Services or WebCenter Suite have the right to use WebLogic Server Basic to run WebCenter Services and WebCenter Suite as part of their existing Oracle Internet Application Server Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition license. This right is only for products within WebCenter Services and WebCenter Suite that were previously certified against Oracle Internet Application Server. WebLogic Server Basic cannot be used to run the following: WebLogic Portal, WebCenter Interaction, WebCenter Collaboration, WebCenter Ensemble, WebCenter Analytics, Oracle WebCenter Console for Microsoft SharePoint, and Oracle WebCenter Application Accelerator for .NET. Instead, a separate WebLogic Server license is required to run these. WebLogic Server Basic is defined in Appendix A, "WebLogic Server Basic."

7.5 Oracle WebCenter Real-Time Collaboration

Oracle WebCenter Real-Time Collaboration enables users to connect and collaborate with others via web and voice conferencing, instant messaging, presence, and chat rooms. It complements other Enterprise 2.0 services available in WebCenter by connecting users who require direct interaction and immediate response.

For licensing details, see "Oracle WebCenter Licenses" in Oracle Beehive Licensing Information at the following URL:

7.6 Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration

Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration (WebCenter IC) is expertise location software that oversees and orchestrates collaboration in activities in real time by correlating knowledge, expertise, and social networks throughout an organization. For licensing details, see "Oracle WebCenter Licenses" in Oracle Beehive Licensing Information at the following URL:

7.7 Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration Connector

Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration Connectors allow Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration to index user content from third-party applications such as Microsoft Exchange. Terms are extracted from authored content and passed to Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration for adding to a user's private profile, enabling Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration to broker connections based on expertise and social networks.

For licensing details, see "Oracle WebCenter Licenses" in Oracle Beehive Licensing Information at the following URL: