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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E17364-02
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1 Getting Started with the AIA Development Guide

This chapter includes the following sections:

1.1 Goal of the AIA Development Guide

The Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) Foundation Pack: Development Guide defines in detail how you can use the Oracle AIA Foundation Pack to conceptualize AIA projects and, using the AIA Project Lifecycle Management application, implement a solution conforming to the AIA in a structured fashion based on a functional design document. You can use this guide to implement additional functionalities in the form of new services extending the AIA Process Integration Packs (PIP) functionalities.

Following this guide is the key to ensuring that the AIA solution that you build and implement can be upgraded, supported, and maintained.

1.2 Types of Integrations Addressed by AIA

AIA addresses two types of integrations:

1.3 Integration Styles Addressed by AIA

AIA provides reference architecture for a variety of situations. Depending on the size and complexity of integration projects, the integration style adopted for implementing integration flows varies. The number of participating applications and their role in integration flows contribute to the integration style adopted.

The integration flow as shown in Figure 1-1 represents the journey of a message from a business event triggering source to one or more target milestones, after passing through possible intermediary milestones. At each milestone, the message is stored in a different state.

Figure 1-1 Illustration of the Integration Flow

The image is described in the surrounding text

The integration flow represents the run-time path of a message. It is not a design time artifact.

AIA addresses the following integration styles:

1.4 How to Use the AIA Development Guide

The sales process provides detailed information about the value of AIA offerings. The value presented is perceived in the context of a business problem for which a solution is being sought.

The detailed analysis of the business problem and documenting of related business requirements leads to a Functional Design Document (FDD), which provides:

The AIA Development Guide assumes:

The AIA Development Guide is logically divided as follows:

Start with Chapter 2, "Building AIA Integration Flows" and move to relevant chapters in the Development Guide as needed.