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Oracle® Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle Portal
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E10235-02
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13.5 Deleting a Navigation Page

Delete a navigation page when it is no longer useful. If one or more pages are using a deleted navigation page, the navigation page will no longer appear on those pages.

To delete a navigation page:

  1. Log in to Oracle Portal.

  2. Click the Build tab to bring it forward.

  3. From the Page Groups portlet Work In drop-down list, select the page group that owns the navigation page to be deleted.

    By default, the Page Groups portlet is located on the Build tab of the Portal Builder page. If the navigation page is used by more than one page group, it will be under the Shared Objects page group.

  4. In the Layout & Appearance section, click the Browse link next to the Navigation Pages heading.

    This opens on a list of navigation pages in the Portal Navigator.

  5. Click the Delete link next to the relevant navigation page.

  6. On the confirmation page, click Yes.

  7. Optionally, click the Builder link to return to the Portal Builder page.