MySQL Connector/C Developer Guide


This manual describes how to install and configure MySQL Connector/C, the C interface for communicating with MySQL servers, and how to use it to develop database applications.

For notes detailing the changes in each release of Connector/C, see MySQL Connector/C Release Notes.

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Table of Contents

Preface and Legal Notices
1 Introduction to Connector/C
2 Connector/C Versions
3 Connector/C Supported Platforms
4 Connector/C Distribution Contents
5 Installing Connector/C
5.1 Installing Connector/C from a Binary Distribution
5.2 Installing Connector/C from Source
5.3 Postinstallation Steps
5.4 Testing Connector/C
6 Building Connector/C Applications
A Licenses for Third-Party Components
A.1 dtoa.c License
A.2 Fred Fish's Dbug Library License
A.3 GNU General Public License Version 2.0, June 1991
A.4 md5 (Message-Digest Algorithm 5) License
A.5 RegEX-Spencer Library License
A.6 RFC 3174 - US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) License
A.7 Richard A. O'Keefe String Library License
A.8 SHA-1 in C License
A.9 zlib License