4.13.3 Additional Notes

When either Entity Framework 5 or Entity Framework 6 is chosen for the data access feature, the respective package will be downloaded through the nuget package manager. In this scenario, it is necessary to have a valid Internet connection and a recent nuget version, such as nuget 2.8 or greater.

Since the Entity Framework 6 DbFirst model relies on T4 templates, Visual Studio may ask you to confirm the execution of these TV templates before generating the project. For example, we recommend choosing Ok:

Figure 4.55 Windows Forms Project: Entity Framework T4 Security Warning

Windows Forms Project: Entity Framework T4 Security Warning

When the project is generated, it will automatically be rebuilt. This is so you will not see errors for missing dependencies when you first open a Windows Form in the form designer. You can see the results of this compilation in the Build output window, like so:

Figure 4.56 Windows Forms Project: Build Output

Windows Forms Project: Build Output

After the wizard finishes generating the project, you will be able to check for errors and view informative messages from the General output window:

Figure 4.57 Windows Forms Project: General Output

Windows Forms Project: General Output