Chapter 4 Connector/Net Visual Studio Integration

Table of Contents

4.1 Installing and Configuring
4.2 Making a Connection
4.3 The MySQL Toolbar
4.4 Item Templates versus Project Templates
4.5 Using IntelliSense in the SQL Editor
4.6 Editing Tables
4.6.1 Column Editor
4.6.2 Editing Indexes
4.6.3 Editing Foreign Keys
4.6.4 Column Properties
4.6.5 Table Properties
4.7 Editing Views
4.8 Editing Stored Procedures and Functions
4.9 Editing Triggers
4.10 Debugging Stored Procedures and Functions
4.11 Deleting Database Objects
4.12 Using the ADO.NET Entity Framework
4.13 MySQL Website Configuration Tool
4.14 MySQL Project Items
4.14.1 Requirements
4.14.2 MySQL ASP.NET MVC Items
4.14.3 MySQL Windows Forms Items
4.15 MySQL SQL Editor
4.16 MySQL Data Export Tool
4.17 DDL T4 Template Macro

With MySQL's support for Visual Studio, developers can work seamlessly with MySQL Connector/Net in the familiar Visual Studio environment.

The MySQL for Visual Studio release notes can be found here.

Visit the MySQL for Visual Studio forum for additional help and support.