2.12 Changes in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.9 (5.5.28-ndb-7.2.9) (2012-11-22)


MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.9 was withdrawn shortly after release, due to a problem with primary keys and tables with very many rows that was introduced in this release (Bug #16023068, Bug #67928). Users should upgrade to MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.10, which fixes this issue.

MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.9 is a new release of MySQL Cluster, incorporating new features in the NDB storage engine, and fixing recently discovered bugs in previous MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 releases.

Obtaining MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.  MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 source code and binaries can be obtained from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/cluster/.

This release also incorporates all bugfixes and changes made in previous MySQL Cluster releases, as well as all bugfixes and feature changes which were added in mainline MySQL 5.5 through MySQL 5.5.28 (see Changes in MySQL 5.5.28 (2012-09-28)).

Functionality Added or Changed

Bugs Fixed