21.1 Agent Health Advisor

The Agent Health Advisor monitors the monitoring agent's resource usage, communication status, backlog and memory usage.

The Agent Health Advisor configuration dialog is divided into the following functional areas:


The General section defines the CPU and RAM usage thresholds. These thresholds generate events if the defined threshold value is broken by either CPU or RAM usage. Both threshold definitions use a moving average window. Although it is possible to use very small values for a moving average window, large values, larger than seconds, are recommended.

Figure 21.1 Agent Health - General

Agent Health General


The Communication section defines the thresholds for latency and HTTP errors between agent and MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

Figure 21.2 Agent Health - General

Agent Health Communication


If the monitoring agent is unable to communicate with the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, it stores the collected data in memory up to a limit of 10MB, then on the filesystem, up to a limit of 10MB, giving a total limit of backlog storage of 20MB. If the limit is reached, backlog data is dropped.

Figure 21.3 Agent Health - Backlog

Agent Health Backlog