Chapter 2 What's new in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0?


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This section highlights new functionality and is geared towards users of earlier versions of MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

If you are familiar with earlier versions of MySQL Enterprise Monitor, after one glance at the 3.0 UI you will immediately notice significant differences in functionality, organization and appearance. "Under the hood" changes are even more dramatic, with entirely different models and implementation for inventory, instruments, Query Analyzer, Advisor, Graphs and Event handling and notifications.


For information about upgrading MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3 to 3.0, see Section 7.2, “Guide for Upgrading to MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0”.

Easy to set up and configure

Automatic Analysis & Visual Presentation

New Advisor engine and UI


[1] Requires Query Analyzer, which now collects SQL performance data using the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA from 5.6.14 or later. This release also supports Query Analyzer sources like the Connector plugins (C/Java, C/php, C/Net) or the MySQL Proxy. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach, see Section 13.2, “The Query Analyzer” for a brief discussion of differences.

[2] Known limitation: Process discovery is not supported on Microsoft Windows.

[3] To edit, click Configure, select Advisors, open the Monitoring and Support Services Advisor category and edit. Known limitation: This action is limited to a single set of credentials.