15.5 Diagnostics Report


MySQL Enterprise Monitor is available as part of the MySQL Enterprise subscription, learn more at http://www.mysql.com/products/.


You can obtain a diagnostics report file for either individual servers, or entire server groups. To get a diagnostic report file, select Diagnostics Report from the Settings menu. The information is provided as a time stamped Zip file (such as support-20130815T2238.zip) that is downloaded to the machine. The information contained in the report includes detailed information about your server (or multiple servers if you selected a server group), including configuration, hardware, MySQL options/variables and historical graphs. To view the information extracted, unzip the downloaded file and double-click the index.html.


Because generating a dignostic report is an expensive operation, the Diagnostics Report report is cached for six hours. All requests within this six hour time period will pull (download) this cached report. A request after this period will trigger a new report to be generated.

This report is especially useful for debugging the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager and the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent. When filling out a My Oracle Support (MOS) ticket, it is common practice for the support team to ask for this report.

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