14.2 InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage Graphs


MySQL Enterprise Monitor is available as part of the MySQL Enterprise subscription, learn more at http://www.mysql.com/products/.


This report requires the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_BUFFER_PAGE table, which is available in MySQL Server version 5.5.28 or greater.


It is not recommended to run this report on instances with large InnoDB buffer pools (over approximately 32 GB). Generating this data incurs a mutex lock for every 10,000 pages read within the buffer (in a loop), which can decrease throughput/concurrency of connected clients.

If no data is returned within 2 minutes, this report will automatically time out and the following message is displayed:

"Unable to generate InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage report for selected MySQL Server (U0396) Please click Reload button".

Attempting to reload the report results in another timeout.

Navigate to Reports & Graphs, and choose InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage. Now select the MySQL Server from the Asset Selector to generate the graph.

A warning is displayed which advises on the resources utilized and the possible load imposed on the selected instance.


The report is reset if you navigate to another page, or click Reload.

Unlike the time series graphs, the InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage Graph is an example of a "treemap", a 2D hierarchical proportional-representation graph. Because of the hierarchy, each section can be expanded recursively, which means each component can be clicked to drill down into the database.