3.4 Monitor Agent Installation

3.4.1 Creating a MySQL User Account for the Monitor Agent
3.4.2 Installing the Monitor Agent on Unix and Linux
3.4.3 Installing the Agent on Microsoft Windows
3.4.4 Installing the Agent on Mac OS X
3.4.5 Considerations When Monitoring On A Cloud
3.4.6 Starting/Stopping the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent
3.4.7 Monitoring Multiple MySQL Servers
3.4.8 Configuring an Agent to Monitor a Remote MySQL Server
3.4.9 Monitoring Outside the Firewall with an SSH Tunnel
3.4.10 Troubleshooting the Agent

A MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent monitors a MySQL server and sends data to the Advisors. The data is interpreted and displayed MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface. The following section describes how to install the Agent on all platforms.

General Agent Related Notes

3.0 Agent differences from 2.3


The Proxy and Aggregator have been separated from the Agent. When you run the Agent installer in MEM 3.0, it will only install an Agent, whereas in MEM 2.3 it could also install a Proxy and Aggregator.


If you depend on the Proxy or Aggregator, then you will need to continue using a 2.3 Agent, as these are not options with MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.