Chapter 4 Service Manager Installation

Table of Contents

4.1 Service Manager Installation Common Parameters
4.2 HTTP Connection Timeout
4.3 Installing the Service Manager on Unix and Linux
4.4 Installing the Service Manager on Windows
4.5 Installing the Service Manager on Mac OS X
4.6 Starting/Stopping the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Service on Unix and Mac OS X
4.7 Starting/Stopping the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Service on Windows
4.8 MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Configuration Settings
4.8.1 Initial Monitor UI Log-In
4.8.2 Setting the Timezone and Locale

The MySQL Enterprise Service Manager is the core element of the MySQL Enterprise Monitor. The installation process for this element also includes some supplemental components:

During installation, default values are shown for user names and ports, for your convenience. You can choose different values. The installer detects ports that are already in use and lets you select different ports.


During installation, versions of MySQL and Tomcat are installed onto the machine, using default values for network ports that are different from standard installation for these applications. You can select different port numbers during installation, to avoid conflicts or to follow a company standard.

All the installations share the same basic configuration parameters that you confirm during installation. Before you start your installation, review the section on these common parameters, then the section specific to your installation platform:

For a list of supported platforms that the Service Manager supports, see