Chapter 3 Installation Prerequisites

Table of Contents

3.1 Prerequisites
3.1.1 System Requirements
3.1.2 Supported Platforms
3.1.3 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Repository
3.2 Credentials Needed for Installation
3.2.1 Existing Users
3.2.2 Users Created During Installation
3.2.3 Users Created on First Log-in
3.2.4 Installing SSL Certificates

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is available as part of the MySQL Enterprise subscription, learn more at

This chapter describes the process of installing the MySQL Enterprise Monitor on all operating systems.

Installation Sequence

A working installation requires installing:

The Agent inspects a specific MySQL server, and transmits health and usage data back to the Service Manager. The Advisors interpret the results, which are displayed in the browser-based MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface.

After installing and starting the Service Manager and Agents, configure the settings in the MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface, as explained in Section 4.8, “MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Configuration Settings”.

Installer Files

Depending on your configuration and environment, download these files from your My Oracle Support (MOS) page. Of if you are interested in a trial, then you may use the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (OSDC). The MySQL Enterprise Monitor files include: