1.5 MySQL Enterprise Agent

1.5.1 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent Basic Architecture

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent performs the following tasks:

The agent is a general purpose service that provides the basis for all this functionality and is the key component of MySQL Enterprise Monitor as it provides the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager with the information about each individual MySQL server and host.

Each MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent requires a UUID to uniquely identify the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent to the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. This UUID is independent of the UUID assigned to each monitored server. Do not copy the UUID from one instance of the agent to another, as that would cause incorrect associates within the inventory.

When the agent first starts, it performs the following operations:

Once running, each MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent periodically collects information from the monitored MySQL servers and hosts, and sends it to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. It also continues to search for unmonitored MySQL instances as long as the MySQL Process Discovery advisor is configured to do so (it is by default).