21.1 Providing Query Analyzer Data

21.1.1 Using the MySQL Performance Schema
21.1.2 Using the MySQL Enterprise Plugin for Connector/J
21.1.3 Using the MySQL Enterprise Plugin for Connector/PHP
21.1.4 Using the MySQL Enterprise Plugin for Connector/Net
21.1.5 Using the 2.3 MySQL Enterprise Agent Aggregator
21.1.6 Using the 2.3 Agent Proxy

The MySQL Query Analyzer can be fed information from a number of different sources. The provider supplies the statistical information about the queries, execution times, result counts and other data to display and analyze on the Query Analyzer page.

There are a number of different methods available for supplying query information to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager:


The minimum Agent version that can report Query Analyzer data is 2.3, although version 3.x is recommended.

Different connectors support either the direct and aggregator methods of supplying statistical information through a plugin that provides the necessary code to communicate either directly with MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, or indirectly through the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent aggregator. The following table provides information on which connectors support the different functionality types.

Table 21.1 Query Analyzer Feeding Solution Comparison

FeatureC/JavaC/NETC/PHPPerformance SchemaProxy
Uses AggregatorNoNoYesNoNo
Uses ProxyNoNoNoNoYes
Supports EXPLAINYesYesNoYesYes