16.1 All Timeseries Graphs

Navigate to Reports & Graphs, and choose All Timeseries Graphs.


While the main Overview page only shows connection related graphs for your MySQL instances, the All Timeseries Graphs page lists all graphs that relate to time.

The data shown in the graphs is determined by the server or group of servers selected in the server tree. Each graph is only displayed if there is appropriate data for the selected servers; for example, only slave servers have a Replication Slave Delay graph, and the Cluster graphs only apply to MySQL Cluster servers.

Graph Types

There are five main types of graphs:

Graph Behavior

Other behavioral notes about the graphs:

All graphs support the ability to drag and select a specific area of the graph. When you select an area of the graph, the display adds a link to the Query Analyzer page to display the queries that were being executed during the selected time period. You can also export data for a particular graph by clicking Export as CSV while hovering over the graph you wish to export, or Export as PNG for a PNG image.