13.3 What's New

The What's New page provides a simplified interface for providing updates, information about what to do next, and news related to your My Oracle Support account. By default, the information is automatically updated every hour.

Access the What's New from the help menu in the top navigation bar, and select What's New?.

Figure 13.2 The What's New Page

The What's New Page

The What's New page is divided into three main sections:

Welcome to MEM

On the left-hand side of the page, this section provides information about your setup, what you may do next to complete the set up, and related information. Sections exist for new and upgraded installations.

For related information, see Chapter 6, Post-installation Considerations.

My Oracle Support

My Oracle Support is the channel for interacting with Oracle Support across all products. MySQL Enterprise Monitor (MEM) provides a basic integration with My Oracle Support (MOS), allowing you to see an up-to-date list of Open and waiting-on-customer support issues in the product.


In Global Settings, provide your own My Oracle Support / Oracle SSO credentials. These are stored encrypted in the MEM repository, and are used to sign in to the MOS services. For more information about these settings, see Section 15.1, “Global Settings”.


MySQL Enterprise Monitor will, in the background, periodically check the status of MOS Service Requests (SRs) associated with the account with the provided credentials.

Any currently "Open" SRs will be listed on the What's New page.

Any Open SRs that are in a "Waiting on Customer" state - those that need your attention - will also be present on the Overview Dashboard.

In both locations, the SRs will be linked to the My Oracle Support system for your convenience.


Use the Configure What's New button on the What's New page to control if the MOS check should be performed, and also to force an immediate update of the status of MOS Support Requests.


To poll the My Oracle Support site directly, your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager must have access to the My Oracle Support website. If your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager is not directly connected to the Internet, you can set an HTTP proxy to help access the information. For more information on configuring an HTTP proxy, see Section 15.1, “Global Settings”.

Important Product-Related Announcements

This section provides a list of news items from a Web-based news feed. The news feed contains important information, including, but not limited to:

General Configuration

To configure the operation and forcibly update the information on the What's New page, click the Configure What's New button at the top-left of the What's New page.

Figure 13.3 What's New Configuration

What's New Configuration

The configurable options are:

Click save to save your settings. If you selected any system to force an update, the update will take place in the background. To cancel your changes, click cancel.