21.7 Query Analysis Advisors

Average Statement Execution Time Advisor

Monitors the average execution time of a normalized SQL statement and generates events if the execution time exceeds the defined thresholds.

This advisor has the following parameters:

Query Pileup Advisor

Alerts when query pileups occur, when the number of threads running increase rapidly over a short period of time. For example, based on the defaults for this advisor, if the exponential moving average of Threads_running has increased by 50% or more, but less than 80%, over the last 1 minute, it raises a Warning alert.

SQL Statement Generates Warnings or Errors

Generates events when a normalized SQL statement generates errors or warnings over a period of time.

Query Analysis Reporting

Enables capturing and reporting of query analysis data.


Explains are generated for query data supplied by the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Proxy and Aggregator, Connector/J plugin, and Performance Schema sources.

Explain is supported for all DML statememts on MySQL 5.6.3 or higher. On earlier versions, only SELECT is supported.