1.3 Oracle and Red Hat Linux 6

For Oracle and Red Hat Linux 6, you can install MySQL Utilities using the MySQL Yum repository. You must have the MySQL Yum repository on your system's repository list (see Adding the MySQL Yum Repository for details). Make sure your Yum repository setup is up-to-date by running:

shell> su root
shell> yum update mysql-community-release

You can then install MySQL Utilities by the following command:

shell> yum install mysql-utilities

See Installing Additional MySQL Products and Components with Yum for more details.


If you already have MySQL Utilities 1.3.5 installed using the commercial RPM package, you will need to have it uninstalled before you can install the latest MySQL Utilities release using the MySQL Yum Repository.

As an alternative, you can install MySQL Utilities with an architecture-independent RPM package available from Download MySQL Utilities. Once you have downloaded the package, you can install it using the following or similar command, depending on your platform configuration.

$ sudo rpm -i mysql-utilities-1.3.6-1.el6.noarch.rpm

You can also use the RPM Package Manager on your operating system to install MySQL Utilities . See your operating system's documentation for more details.