Chapter 1 How to Install MySQL Utilities

Table of Contents

1.1 Prerequisites
1.2 Source Code
1.3 Oracle and Red Hat Linux 6
1.4 Debian Linux
1.5 Microsoft Windows
1.6 Mac OS X

MySQL Utilities is available in a number of repository formats. Although you may not see your specific operating system or platform listed, we provide general repository formats for most platforms. If none of the available repository formats are applicable to your platform, you can use the source code repository and install MySQL Utilities from the command line.

For EL6 or EL7-based platforms (for example, the corresponding versions of Oracle and Red Hat Linux) and Fedora 19 or 20, you can install MySQL Utilities using the MySQL Yum repository. See Section 1.3, “Oracle and Red Hat Linux 6” for details.

For all supported platforms, you can find the latest installation packages for MySQL Utilities at Download MySQL Utilities. We discuss details of the installation process for different platforms and situations in the following sections.