Chapter 3 The MGM API

Table of Contents

3.1 General Concepts
3.1.1 Working with Log Events
3.1.2 Structured Log Events
3.2 MGM C API Function Listing
3.2.1 Log Event Functions
3.2.2 MGM API Error Handling Functions
3.2.3 Management Server Handle Functions
3.2.4 Management Server Connection Functions
3.2.5 Cluster Status Functions
3.2.6 Functions for Starting & Stopping Nodes
3.2.7 Cluster Log Functions
3.2.8 Backup Functions
3.2.9 Single-User Mode Functions
3.3 MGM Data Types
3.3.1 The ndb_mgm_node_type Type
3.3.2 The ndb_mgm_node_status Type
3.3.3 The ndb_mgm_error Type
3.3.4 The Ndb_logevent_type Type
3.3.5 The ndb_mgm_event_severity Type
3.3.6 The ndb_logevent_handle_error Type
3.3.7 The ndb_mgm_event_category Type
3.4 MGM Structures
3.4.1 The ndb_logevent Structure
3.4.2 The ndb_mgm_node_state Structure
3.4.3 The ndb_mgm_cluster_state Structure
3.4.4 The ndb_mgm_reply Structure
3.5 MGM API Examples
3.5.1 Basic MGM API Event Logging Example
3.5.2 MGM API Event Handling with Multiple Clusters


This chapter discusses the MySQL Cluster Management API, a C language API that is used for administrative tasks such as starting and stopping Cluster nodes, backups, and logging. It also covers MGM API concepts, programming constructs, and event types.