Description.  Like the other ndb_mgm_stop*() functions, this function stops one or more data nodes. Like ndb_mgm_stop2(), it offers the ability to specify whether the nodes should shut down gracefully; like ndb_mgm_stop3() it provides for a way to check to see whether disconnection is required prior to stopping a node. In addition, it is possible to force the node to shut down even if this would cause the cluster to become nonviable.

This function was added in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.0.19 and MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1.8.


int ndb_mgm_stop4
      NdbMgmHandle handle,
      int          number,
      const int*   list,
      int          abort,
      int          force,
      int*         disconnect

Parameters.  ndb_mgm_stop4() takes 6 parameters:

Return value.  The number of nodes actually stopped; in the event of failure, -1 is returned.