Chapter 1 MySQL Cluster APIs: Overview and Concepts

Table of Contents

1.1 MySQL Cluster API Overview: Introduction
1.1.1 MySQL Cluster API Overview: The NDB API
1.1.2 MySQL Cluster API Overview: The MGM API
1.2 MySQL Cluster API Overview: Terminology
1.3 The NDB Transaction and Scanning API
1.3.1 Core NDB API Classes
1.3.2 Application Program Basics
1.3.3 Review of MySQL Cluster Concepts
1.3.4 The Adaptive Send Algorithm


This chapter provides a general overview of essential MySQL Cluster, NDB API, and MGM API concepts, terminology, and programming constructs.

For an overview of Java APIs that can be used with MySQL Cluster, see Section 4.1, “MySQL Cluster Connector for Java: Overview”.

For information about using Memcache with MySQL Cluster, see Chapter 6, ndbmemcache—Memcache API for MySQL Cluster.

For information about writing JavaScript applications using Node.js with MySQL, see Chapter 5, MySQL NoSQL Connector for JavaScript.