Application error Messages

NDB Error CodeMySQL Error CodeNDB Error ClassificationError Message
21000HA_ERR_CANNOT_ADD_FOREIGNAECreate foreign key failed - parent key is primary key and on-update-cascade is not allowed
21026HA_ERR_CANNOT_ADD_FOREIGNAECreate foreign key failed in NDB - parent index is not unique index
21040DMECAEDrop foreign key failed in NDB - foreign key not found
21060DMECAEBuild foreign key failed in NDB - foreign key not found
21081HA_ERR_DROP_INDEX_FKAEDrop index not allowed in NDB - used as parent index of a foreign key
21082HA_ERR_DROP_INDEX_FKAEDrop index not allowed in NDB - used as child index of a foreign key
21090HA_ERR_CANNOT_ADD_FOREIGNAECreate foreign key failed in NDB - name contains invalid character (/)
281HA_ERR_NO_CONNECTIONAEOperation not allowed due to cluster shutdown in progress
299DMECAEOperation not allowed or aborted due to single user mode
261DMECAEDML count in transaction exceeds config parameter MaxDMLOperationsPerTransaction
763DMECAEDDL is not supported with mixed data-node versions
823DMECAEToo much attrinfo from application in tuple manager
829DMECAECorrupt data received for insert/update
831DMECAEToo many nullable/bitfields in table definition
850DMECAEToo long or too short default value
851DMECAEMaximum 8052 bytes of FIXED columns supported"", use varchar or COLUMN_FORMAT DYNAMIC instead
880DMECAETried to read too much - too many getValue calls
884DMECAEStack overflow in interpreter
885DMECAEStack underflow in interpreter
886DMECAEMore than 65535 instructions executed in interpreter
897DMECAEUpdate attempt of primary key via ndbcluster internal api (if this occurs via the MySQL server it is a bug, please report)
892DMECAEUnsupported type in scan filter
1233DMECAETable read-only
4256DMECAEMust call Ndb::init() before this function
4257DMECAETried to read too much - too many getValue calls
320DMECAEInvalid no of nodes specified for new nodegroup
321DMECAEInvalid nodegroup id
322DMECAEInvalid node(s) specified for new nodegroup, node already in nodegroup
323DMECAEInvalid nodegroup id, nodegroup already existing
324DMECAEInvalid node(s) specified for new nodegroup, no node in nodegroup is started
417DMECAEBad operation reference - double unlock
242DMECAEZero concurrency in scan
244DMECAEToo high concurrency in scan
269DMECAENo condition and attributes to read in scan
874DMECAEToo much attrinfo (e.g. scan filter) for scan in tuple manager
4600DMECAETransaction is already started
4601DMECAETransaction is not started
4602DMECAEYou must call getNdbOperation before executeScan
4603DMECAEThere can only be ONE operation in a scan transaction
4604DMECAEtakeOverScanOp, to take over a scanned row one must explicitly request keyinfo on readTuples call
4605DMECAEYou may only call readTuples() once for each operation
4607DMECAEThere may only be one operation in a scan transaction
4608DMECAEYou can not takeOverScan unless you have used openScanExclusive
4609DMECAEYou must call nextScanResult before trying to takeOverScan
4232DMECAEParallelism can only be between 1 and 240
4707DMECAEToo many event have been defined
4708DMECAEEvent name is too long
4709DMECAECan't accept more subscribers
4710DMECAEEvent not found
4711DMECAECreation of event failed
4712DMECAEStopped event operation does not exist. Already stopped?
311DMECAEUndefined partition used in setPartitionId
771HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONAEGiven NODEGROUP doesn't exist in this cluster
789HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONAELogfile group not found
793DMECAEObject definition too big
913DMECAEInvalid index for index stats update
776DMECAEIndex created on temporary table must itself be temporary
777DMECAECannot create a temporary index on a non-temporary table
778DMECAEA temporary table or index must be specified as not logging
794DMECAESchema feature requires data node upgrade
1302DMECAEA backup is already running
1306DMECAEBackup not supported in diskless mode (change Diskless)
1342DMECAEBackup failed to allocate buffers (check configuration)
1343DMECAEBackup failed to setup fs buffers (check configuration)
1344DMECAEBackup failed to allocate tables (check configuration)
1345DMECAEBackup failed to insert file header (check configuration)
1346DMECAEBackup failed to insert table list (check configuration)
1347DMECAEBackup failed to allocate table memory (check configuration)
1348DMECAEBackup failed to allocate file record (check configuration)
1349DMECAEBackup failed to allocate attribute record (check configuration)
1329DMECAEBackup during software upgrade not supported
1701DMECAENode already reserved
1702DMECAENode already connected
1704DMECAENode type mismatch
4714DMECAEIndex stats sys tables " NDB_INDEX_STAT_PREFIX " do not exist
4715DMECAEIndex stats for specified index do not exist
4716DMECAEIndex stats methods usage error
4717DMECAEIndex stats cannot allocate memory
4720DMECAEIndex stats sys tables " NDB_INDEX_STAT_PREFIX " partly missing or invalid
4723DMECAEMysqld: index stats request ignored due to recent error
4724DMECAEMysqld: index stats request aborted by stats thread
4725DMECAEIndex stats were deleted by another process
720DMECAEAttribute name reused in table definition
4004DMECAEAttribute name or id not found in the table
4100DMECAEStatus Error in NDB
4101DMECAENo connections to NDB available and connect failed
4102DMECAEType in NdbTamper not correct
4103DMECAENo schema connections to NDB available and connect failed
4104DMECAENdb Init in wrong state, destroy Ndb object and create a new
4121DMECAECannot set name twice for an Ndb object
4122DMECAECannot set name after Ndb object is initialised
4105DMECAEToo many Ndb objects
4106DMECAEAll Not NULL attribute have not been defined
4114DMECAETransaction is already completed
4116DMECAEOperation was not defined correctly, probably missing a key
4117DMECAECould not start transporter, configuration error
4118DMECAEParameter error in API call
4120DMECAEScan already complete
4300DMECAETuple Key Type not correct
4301DMECAEFragment Type not correct
4302DMECAEMinimum Load Factor not correct
4303DMECAEMaximum Load Factor not correct
4304DMECAEMaximum Load Factor smaller than Minimum
4305DMECAEK value must currently be set to 6
4306DMECAEMemory Type not correct
4307DMECAEInvalid table name
4308DMECAEAttribute Size not correct
4309DMECAEFixed array too large, maximum 64000 bytes
4310DMECAEAttribute Type not correct
4311DMECAEStorage Mode not correct
4312DMECAENull Attribute Type not correct
4313DMECAEIndex only storage for non-key attribute
4314DMECAEStorage Type of attribute not correct
4315DMECAENo more key attributes allowed after defining variable length key attribute
4316DMECAEKey attributes are not allowed to be NULL attributes
4317DMECAEToo many primary keys defined in table
4318DMECAEInvalid attribute name or number
4319DMECAEcreateAttribute called at erroneus place
4322DMECAEAttempt to define distribution key when not prepared to
4323DMECAEDistribution Key set on table but not defined on first attribute
4324DMECAEAttempt to define distribution group when not prepared to
4325DMECAEDistribution Group set on table but not defined on first attribute
4326DMECAEDistribution Group with erroneus number of bits
4327DMECAEDistribution key is only supported on part of primary key
4328DMECAEDisk memory attributes not yet supported
4329DMECAEVariable stored attributes not yet supported
4340DMECAEResult or attribute record must be a base table ndbrecord, not an index ndbrecord
4400DMECAEStatus Error in NdbSchemaCon
4401DMECAEOnly one schema operation per schema transaction
4402DMECAENo schema operation defined before calling execute
4410DMECAESchema transaction is already started
4411DMECAESchema transaction not possible until upgrade complete
4501DMECAEInsert in hash table failed when getting table information from Ndb
4502DMECAEGetValue not allowed in Update operation
4503DMECAEGetValue not allowed in Insert operation
4504DMECAESetValue not allowed in Read operation
4505DMECAENULL value not allowed in primary key search
4506DMECAEMissing getValue/setValue when calling execute
4507DMECAEMissing operation request when calling execute
4508DMECAEGetValue not allowed for NdbRecord defined operation
4509DMECAENon SF_MultiRange scan cannot have more than one bound
4510DMECAEUser specified partition id not allowed for scan takeover operation
4511DMECAEBlobs not allowed in NdbRecord delete result record
4512DMECAEIncorrect combination of OperationOptions optionsPresent, extraGet/SetValues ptr and numExtraGet/SetValues
4513DMECAEOnly one scan bound allowed for non-NdbRecord setBound() API
4514DMECAECan only call setBound/equal() for an NdbIndexScanOperation
4515DMECAEMethod not allowed for NdbRecord, use OperationOptions or ScanOptions structure instead
4516DMECAEIllegal instruction in interpreted program
4517DMECAEBad label in branch instruction
4518DMECAEToo many instructions in interpreted program
4519DMECAENdbInterpretedCode::finalise() not called
4520DMECAECall to undefined subroutine
4521DMECAECall to undefined subroutine, internal error
4522DMECAEsetBound() called twice for same key
4523DMECAEPseudo columns not supported by NdbRecord
4524DMECAENdbInterpretedCode is for different table
4535DMECAEAttempt to set bound on non key column
4536DMECAENdbScanFilter constructor taking NdbOperation is not supported for NdbRecord
4537DMECAEWrong API. Use NdbInterpretedCode for NdbRecord operations
4538DMECAENdbInterpretedCode instruction requires that table is set
4539DMECAENdbInterpretedCode not supported for operation type
4540DMECAEAttempt to pass an Index column to createRecord. Use base table columns only
4542DMECAEUnknown partition information type
4543DMECAEDuplicate partitioning information supplied
4544DMECAEWrong partitionInfo type for table
4545DMECAEInvalid or Unsupported PartitionInfo structure
4546DMECAEExplicit partitioning info not allowed for table and operation
4547DMECAERecordSpecification has overlapping offsets
4548DMECAERecordSpecification has too many elements
4549DMECAEgetLockHandle only supported for primary key read with a lock
4550DMECAECannot releaseLockHandle until operation executed
4551DMECAENdbLockHandle already released
4552DMECAENdbLockHandle does not belong to transaction
4553DMECAENdbLockHandle original operation not executed successfully
4554DMECAENdbBlob can only be closed from Active state
4555DMECAENdbBlob cannot be closed with pending operations
4200DMECAEStatus Error when defining an operation
4201DMECAEVariable Arrays not yet supported
4202DMECAESet value on tuple key attribute is not allowed
4203DMECAETrying to set a NOT NULL attribute to NULL
4204DMECAESet value and Read/Delete Tuple is incompatible
4205DMECAENo Key attribute used to define tuple
4206DMECAENot allowed to equal key attribute twice
4207DMECAEKey size is limited to 4092 bytes
4208DMECAETrying to read a non-stored attribute
4209DMECAELength parameter in equal/setValue is incorrect
4210DMECAENdb sent more info than the length he specified
4211DMECAEInconsistency in list of NdbRecAttr-objects
4212DMECAENdb reports NULL value on Not NULL attribute
4213DMECAENot all data of an attribute has been received
4214DMECAENot all attributes have been received
4215DMECAEMore data received than reported in TCKEYCONF message
4216DMECAEMore than 8052 bytes in setValue cannot be handled
4217DMECAEIt is not allowed to increment any other than unsigned ints
4218DMECAECurrently not allowed to increment NULL-able attributes
4219DMECAEMaximum size of interpretative attributes are 64 bits
4220DMECAEMaximum size of interpretative attributes are 64 bits
4221DMECAETrying to jump to a non-defined label
4222DMECAELabel was not found, internal error
4223DMECAENot allowed to create jumps to yourself
4224DMECAENot allowed to jump to a label in a different subroutine
4225DMECAEAll primary keys defined, call setValue/getValue
4226DMECAEBad number when defining a label
4227DMECAEBad number when defining a subroutine
4228DMECAEIllegal interpreter function in scan definition
4229DMECAEIllegal register in interpreter function definition
4230DMECAEIllegal state when calling getValue, probably not a read
4231DMECAEIllegal state when calling interpreter routine
4233DMECAECalling execute (synchronous) when already prepared asynchronous transaction exists
4234DMECAEIllegal to call setValue in this state
4235DMECAENo callback from execute
4236DMECAETrigger name too long
4237DMECAEToo many triggers
4238DMECAETrigger not found
4239DMECAETrigger with given name already exists
4240DMECAEUnsupported trigger type
4241DMECAEIndex name too long
4242DMECAEToo many indexes
4243DMECAEIndex not found
4247DMECAEIllegal index/trigger create/drop/alter request
4248DMECAETrigger/index name invalid
4249DMECAEInvalid table
4250DMECAEInvalid index type or index logging option
4251HA_ERR_FOUND_DUPP_UNIQUEAECannot create unique index, duplicate keys found
4252DMECAEFailed to allocate space for index
4253DMECAEFailed to create index table
4254DMECAETable not an index table
4255DMECAEHash index attributes must be specified in same order as table attributes
4258DMECAECannot create unique index, duplicate attributes found in definition
4259DMECAEInvalid set of range scan bounds
4264DMECAEInvalid usage of blob attribute
4265DMECAEThe method is not valid in current blob state
4266DMECAEInvalid blob seek position
4335DMECAEOnly one autoincrement column allowed per table. Having a table without primary key uses an autoincremented hidden key, i.e. a table without a primary key can not have an autoincremented column
4271DMECAEInvalid index object, not retrieved via getIndex()
4272DMECAETable definition has undefined column
4275DMECAEThe blob method is incompatible with operation type or lock mode
4276DMECAEMissing NULL ptr in end of keyData list
4277DMECAEKey part len is to small for column
4278DMECAESupplied buffer to small
4279DMECAEMalformed string
4280DMECAEInconsistent key part length
4281DMECAEToo many keys specified for key bound in scanIndex
4282DMECAErange_no not strictly increasing in ordered multi-range index scan
4283DMECAEkey_record in index scan is not an index ndbrecord
4284DMECAECannot mix NdbRecAttr and NdbRecord methods in one operation
4285DMECAENULL NdbRecord pointer
4286DMECAEInvalid range_no (must be < 4096)
4287DMECAEThe key_record and attribute_record in primary key operation do not belong to the same table
4288DMECAEBlob handle for column not available
4289DMECAEAPI version mismatch or wrong sizeof(NdbDictionary::RecordSpecification)
4290DMECAEMissing column specification in NdbDictionary::RecordSpecification
4291DMECAEDuplicate column specification in NdbDictionary::RecordSpecification
4292DMECAENdbRecord for tuple access is not an index key NdbRecord
4341DMECAENot all keys read when using option SF_OrderBy
4293DMECAEError returned from application scanIndex() callback
4294DMECAEScan filter is too large, discarded
4295DMECAEColumn is NULL in Get/SetValueSpec structure
4296DMECAEInvalid AbortOption
4297DMECAEInvalid or unsupported OperationOptions structure
4298DMECAEInvalid or unsupported ScanOptions structure
4299DMECAEIncorrect combination of ScanOption flags, extraGetValues ptr and numExtraGetValues
920DMECAERow operation defined after refreshTuple()
QRY_TOO_FEW_KEY_VALUESDMECAEAll required 'key' values was not specified
QRY_TOO_MANY_KEY_VALUESDMECAEToo many 'key' or 'bound' values was specified
QRY_OPERAND_HAS_WRONG_TYPEDMECAEIncompatible datatype specified in operand argument
QRY_CHAR_OPERAND_TRUNCATEDDMECAECharacter operand was right truncated
QRY_NUM_OPERAND_RANGEDMECAENumeric operand out of range
QRY_MULTIPLE_PARENTSDMECAEMultiple 'parents' specified in linkedValues for this operation
QRY_UNKNOWN_PARENTDMECAEUnknown 'parent' specified in linkedValue
QRY_UNRELATED_INDEXDMECAESpecified 'index' does not belong to specified 'table'
QRY_WRONG_INDEX_TYPEDMECAEWrong type of index specified for this operation
QRY_OPERAND_ALREADY_BOUNDDMECAECan't use same operand value to specify different column values
QRY_DEFINITION_TOO_LARGEDMECAEQuery definition too large.
QRY_RESULT_ROW_ALREADY_DEFINEDDMECAEResult row already defined for NdbQueryOperation.
QRY_HAS_ZERO_OPERATIONSDMECAEQuery defintion should have at least one operation.
QRY_IN_ERROR_STATEDMECAEA previous query operation failed, which you missed to catch.
QRY_ILLEGAL_STATEDMECAEQuery is in illegal state for this operation.
QRY_WRONG_OPERATION_TYPEDMECAEThis method cannot be invoked on this type of operation (lookup/scan/""index scan).
QRY_SCAN_ORDER_ALREADY_SETDMECAEIndex scan order was already set in query definition.
QRY_PARAMETER_HAS_WRONG_TYPEDMECAEParameter value has an incompatible datatype
QRY_CHAR_PARAMETER_TRUNCATEDDMECAECharacter Parameter was right truncated
QRY_MULTIPLE_SCAN_SORTEDDMECAEQuery with multiple scans may not be sorted.
QRY_SEQUENTIAL_SCAN_SORTEDDMECAEParallelism cannot be restricted for sorted scans.
QRY_BATCH_SIZE_TOO_SMALLDMECAEBatch size for sub scan cannot be smaller than number of fragments.
QRY_EMPTY_PROJECTIONDMECAEQuery has operation with empty projection.
NO_CONTACT_WITH_PROCESSDMECAENo contact with the process (dead ?).
WRONG_PROCESS_TYPEDMECAEThe process has wrong type. Expected a DB process.
SEND_OR_RECEIVE_FAILEDDMECAESend to process or receive failed.
INVALID_ERROR_NUMBERDMECAEInvalid error number. Should be >= 0.
NODE_SHUTDOWN_WOULD_CAUSE_SYSTEM_CRASHDMECAENode shutdown would cause system crash
UNSUPPORTED_NODE_SHUTDOWNDMECAEUnsupported multi node shutdown. Abort option required.
NODE_NOT_API_NODEDMECAEThe specified node is not an API node.
OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED_START_STOPDMECAEOperation not allowed while nodes are starting or stopping.
NO_CONTACT_WITH_DB_NODESDMECAENo contact with database nodes