Schema error Messages

NDB Error CodeMySQL Error CodeNDB Error ClassificationError Message
20019HA_ERR_NO_SUCH_TABLESEQuery table not defined
20020HA_ERR_NO_SUCH_TABLESEQuery table is being dropped
20021HA_ERR_TABLE_DEF_CHANGEDSEQuery table definition has changed
21022DMECSECreate foreign key failed in NDB - parent table is not table
21023DMECSECreate foreign key failed in NDB - invalid parent table version
21024DMECSECreate foreign key failed in NDB - child table is not table
21025DMECSECreate foreign key failed in NDB - invalid child table version
21027DMECSECreate foreign key failed in NDB - invalid parent index version
21028DMECSECreate foreign key failed in NDB - child index is not index
21029DMECSECreate foreign key failed in NDB - invalid child index version
21041DMECSEDrop foreign key failed in NDB - invalid foreign key version
21042DMECSEDrop foreign key failed in NDB - foreign key not found in TC
21061DMECSEBuild foreign key failed in NDB - invalid foreign key version
21080HA_ERR_ROW_IS_REFERENCEDSEDrop table not allowed in NDB - referenced by foreign key on another table
4713DMECSEColumn defined in event does not exist in table
703DMECSEInvalid table format
704DMECSEAttribute name too long
705DMECSETable name too long
707DMECSENo more table metadata records (increase MaxNoOfTables)
708DMECSENo more attribute metadata records (increase MaxNoOfAttributes)
709HA_ERR_NO_SUCH_TABLESENo such table existed
710DMECSEInternal: Get by table name not supported, use table id.
712DMECSENo more hashmap metadata records
723HA_ERR_NO_SUCH_TABLESENo such table existed
736DMECSEUnsupported array size
737HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSEAttribute array size too big
739HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSEUnsupported primary key length
740HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSENullable primary key not supported
741DMECSEUnsupported alter table
743HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSEUnsupported character set in table or index
744DMECSECharacter string is invalid for given character set
745HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSEDistribution key not supported for char attribute (use binary attribute)
779HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSEInvalid undo buffer size
791HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSEToo many total bits in bitfields
764HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSEInvalid extent size
765DMECSEOut of filegroup records
750IESEInvalid file type
751DMECSEOut of file records
752DMECSEInvalid file format
753IESEInvalid filegroup for file
754IESEInvalid filegroup version when creating file
755HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSEInvalid tablespace
756DMECSEIndex on disk column is not supported
757DMECSEVarsize bitfield not supported
758DMECSETablespace has changed
759DMECSEInvalid tablespace version
761DMECSEUnable to drop table as backup is in progress
762DMECSEUnable to alter table as backup is in progress
766DMECSECant drop file, no such file
767DMECSECant drop filegroup, no such filegroup
768DMECSECant drop filegroup, filegroup is used
769DMECSEDrop undofile not supported, drop logfile group instead
770DMECSECant drop file, file is used
774DMECSEInvalid schema object for drop
241HA_ERR_TABLE_DEF_CHANGEDSEInvalid schema object version
283HA_ERR_NO_SUCH_TABLESETable is being dropped
284HA_ERR_TABLE_DEF_CHANGEDSETable not defined in transaction coordinator
285DMECSEUnknown table error in transaction coordinator
881DMECSEUnable to create table, out of data pages (increase DataMemory)
906DMECSEUnsupported attribute type in index
907DMECSEUnsupported character set in table or index
910HA_ERR_NO_SUCH_TABLESEIndex is being dropped
1224HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSEToo many fragments
1225DMECSETable not defined in local query handler
1226HA_ERR_NO_SUCH_TABLESETable is being dropped
1227HA_WRONG_CREATE_OPTIONSEInvalid schema version
1228DMECSECannot use drop table for drop index
1229DMECSEToo long frm data supplied
1231DMECSEInvalid table or index to scan
1232DMECSEInvalid table or index to scan
1503DMECSEOut of filegroup records
1504DMECSEOut of logbuffer memory
1508DMECSEOut of file records
1509DMECSEFile system error, check if path,permissions etc
1512DMECSEFile read error
1514DMECSECurrently there is a limit of one logfile group
1515DMECSECurrently there is a 4G limit of one undo/data-file in 32-bit host
1516DMECSEFile too small
773DMECSEOut of string memory, please modify StringMemory config parameter
775DMECSECreate file is not supported when Diskless=1
792DMECSEDefault value for primary key column not supported
796DMECSEOut of schema transaction memory
1407DMECSESubscription not found in subscriber manager
1415DMECSESubscription not unique in subscriber manager
1417DMECSETable in suscription not defined, probably dropped
1418DMECSESubscription dropped, no new subscribers allowed
1419DMECSESubscription already dropped
1421DMECSEPartially connected API in NdbOperation::execute()
1422DMECSEOut of subscription records
1423DMECSEOut of table records in SUMA
1424DMECSEOut of MaxNoOfConcurrentSubOperations
1425DMECSESubscription being defined...while trying to stop subscriber
1426DMECSENo such subscriber