Temporary Resource error Messages

NDB Error CodeMySQL Error CodeNDB Error ClassificationError Message
20000DMECTRQuery aborted due out of operation records
20006DMECTRQuery aborted due to out of LongMessageBuffer
20008DMECTRQuery aborted due to out of query memory
20015DMECTRQuery aborted due to out of row memory
21020DMECTRCreate foreign key failed in NDB - no more object records
218DMECTROut of LongMessageBuffer
233DMECTROut of operation records in transaction coordinator (increase MaxNoOfConcurrentOperations)
275DMECTROut of transaction records for complete phase (increase MaxNoOfConcurrentTransactions)
279DMECTROut of transaction markers in transaction coordinator
273DMECTROut of transaction markers databuffer in transaction coordinator
312DMECTROut of LongMessageBuffer
418DMECTROut of transaction buffers in LQH
245DMECTRToo many active scans
488DMECTRToo many active scans
489DMECTRToo many active scans
490DMECTRToo many active scans
805DMECTROut of attrinfo records in tuple manager
830DMECTROut of add fragment operation records
873DMECTROut of attrinfo records for scan in tuple manager
899DMECTRRowid already allocated
1217DMECTROut of operation records in local data manager (increase MaxNoOfLocalOperations)
1218DMECTRSend Buffers overloaded in NDB kernel
1220DMECTRREDO log files overloaded (increase FragmentLogFileSize)
1234DMECTRREDO log files overloaded (increase disk hardware)
1222DMECTROut of transaction markers in LQH
4021DMECTROut of Send Buffer space in NDB API
4022DMECTROut of Send Buffer space in NDB API
4032DMECTROut of Send Buffer space in NDB API
1501DMECTROut of undo space
288DMECTROut of index operations in transaction coordinator (increase MaxNoOfConcurrentIndexOperations)
289DMECTROut of transaction buffer memory in TC (increase TransactionBufferMemory)
780DMECTRToo many schema transactions
783DMECTRToo many schema operations
785DMECTRSchema object is busy with another schema transaction
291DMECTROut of scanfrag records in TC (increase MaxNoOfLocalScans)
784DMECTRInvalid schema transaction state
788DMECTRMissing schema operation at takeover of schema transaction
748DMECTRBusy during read of event table
915DMECTRNo free index stats op
918DMECTRCannot prepare index stats update
919DMECTRCannot execute index stats update
1350DMECTRBackup failed: file already exists (use 'START BACKUP <backup id>')
1411DMECTRSubscriber manager busy with adding/removing a subscriber
1413DMECTRSubscriber manager busy with adding the subscription
1414DMECTRSubscriber manager has subscribers on this subscription
1420DMECTRSubscriber manager busy with adding/removing a table
2810DMECTRNo space left on the device
2811DMECTRError with file permissions, please check file system
2815DMECTRError in reading files, please check file system