DUMP 1000

CodeSymbolKernel Block(s)
1000DumpPageMemoryDBACC, DBTUP

Description.  Prints data node memory usage (ACC and TUP), as both a number of data pages, and the percentage of DataMemory and IndexMemory used.

Sample Output. 

Node 2: Data usage is 8%(54 32K pages of total 640)
Node 2: Index usage is 1%(24 8K pages of total 1312)
Node 2: Resource 0 min: 0 max: 639 curr: 0


When invoked as ALL DUMP 1000, this command reports memory usage for each data node separately, in turn.

Additional Information.  Beginning with MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2.3 and MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3.0, you can use the ndb_mgm client REPORT MEMORYUSAGE to obtain this information (see Commands in the MySQL Cluster Management Client). Beginning with MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1.0, you can also query the memoryusage table (in the ndbinfo database) for this information.