8.4 NDB Kernel Blocks

8.4.1 The BACKUP Block
8.4.2 The CMVMI Block
8.4.3 The DBACC Block
8.4.4 The DBDICT Block
8.4.5 The DBDIH Block
8.4.6 The DBSPJ Block
8.4.7 The DBLQH Block
8.4.8 The DBTC Block
8.4.9 The DBTUP Block
8.4.10 The DBTUX Block
8.4.11 The DBUTIL Block
8.4.12 The LGMAN Block
8.4.13 The NDBCNTR Block
8.4.14 The NDBFS Block
8.4.15 The PGMAN Block
8.4.16 The QMGR Block
8.4.17 The RESTORE Block
8.4.18 The SUMA Block
8.4.19 The TSMAN Block
8.4.20 The TRIX Block

The following sections list and describe the major kernel blocks found in the NDB source code. These are found under the directory storage/ndb/src/kernel/blocks/ in the MySQL Cluster source tree.