A.9 MySQL 5.0 FAQ: Security


Questions and Answers

A.9.1: Where can I find documentation that addresses security issues for MySQL?

The best place to start is Chapter 6, Security.

Other portions of the MySQL Documentation which you may find useful with regard to specific security concerns include the following:

A.9.2: Does MySQL 5.0 have native support for SSL?

Most 5.0 binaries have support for SSL connections between the client and server. See Section 6.3.6, “Using SSL for Secure Connections”.

You can also tunnel a connection using SSH, if (for example) the client application does not support SSL connections. For an example, see Section 6.3.8, “Connecting to MySQL Remotely from Windows with SSH”.

A.9.3: Is SSL support built into MySQL binaries, or must I recompile the binary myself to enable it?

Most 5.0 binaries have SSL enabled for client-server connections that are secured, authenticated, or both. See Section 6.3.6, “Using SSL for Secure Connections”.

A.9.4: Does MySQL 5.0 have built-in authentication against LDAP directories?


As of MySQL 5.6.4, the Enterprise edition includes a PAM Authentication Plugin that supports authentication against an LDAP directory.

A.9.5: Does MySQL 5.0 include support for Roles Based Access Control (RBAC)?

Not at this time.