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Appendix D Licenses for Third-Party Components

Table of Contents

D.1 Editline Library (libedit) License
D.2 Fred Fish's Dbug Library License
D.3 GNU General Public License Version 2.0, June 1991
D.4 GNU Libtool License
D.5 GNU Readline License
D.6 License
D.7 RegEX-Spencer Library License
D.8 RFC 3174 - US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) License
D.9 Richard A. O'Keefe String Library License
D.10 zlib License

The following is a list of the libraries we have included with the MySQL Server source and components used to test MySQL. We are thankful to all individuals that have created these. Some of the components require that their licensing terms be included in the documentation of products that include them. Cross references to these licensing terms are given with the applicable items in the list.

MySQL 5.0