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4.4.4 mysqlbug — Generate Bug Report

This program enables you to generate a bug report and send it to Oracle Corporation. It is a shell script and runs on Unix.

The normal way to report bugs is to visit, which is the address for our bugs database. This database is public and can be browsed and searched by anyone. If you log in to the system, you can enter new reports. If you have no Web access, you can generate a bug report by using the mysqlbug script.

mysqlbug helps you generate a report by determining much of the following information automatically, but if something important is missing, please include it with your message. mysqlbug can be found in the scripts directory (source distribution) and in the bin directory under your MySQL installation directory (binary distribution).

Invoke mysqlbug without arguments:

shell> mysqlbug

The script will place you in an editor with a copy of the report to be sent. Edit the lines near the beginning that indicate the nature of the problem. Then write the file to save your changes, quit the editor, and mysqlbug will send the report by email.