12.14.1 Spatial Function Reference

Table 12.18 Spatial Functions

Area()Return Polygon or MultiPolygon area
AsBinary(), AsWKB()Convert from internal geometry format to WKB
AsText(), AsWKT()Convert from internal geometry format to WKT
Centroid()Return centroid as a point
Contains()Whether MBR of one geometry contains MBR of another
Crosses()Whether one geometry crosses another
Dimension()Dimension of geometry
Disjoint()Whether MBRs of two geometries are disjoint
EndPoint()End Point of LineString
Envelope()Return MBR of geometry
Equals()Whether MBRs of two geometries are equal
ExteriorRing()Return exterior ring of Polygon
GeomCollFromText(), GeometryCollectionFromText()Return geometry collection from WKT
GeomCollFromWKB(), GeometryCollectionFromWKB()Return geometry collection from WKB
GeometryCollection()Construct geometry collection from geometries
GeometryN()Return N-th geometry from geometry collection
GeometryType()Return name of geometry type
GeomFromText(), GeometryFromText()Return geometry from WKT
GeomFromWKB()Return geometry from WKB
GLength()Return length of LineString
InteriorRingN()Return N-th interior ring of Polygon
Intersects()Whether MBRs of two geometries intersect
IsClosed()Whether a geometry is closed and simple
IsEmpty()Placeholder function
IsSimple()Whether a geometry is simple
LineFromText()Construct LineString from WKT
LineFromWKB(), LineStringFromWKB()Construct LineString from WKB
LineString()Construct LineString from Point values
MBRContains()Whether MBR of one geometry contains MBR of another
MBRDisjoint()Whether MBRs of two geometries are disjoint
MBREqual()Whether MBRs of two geometries are equal
MBRIntersects()Whether MBRs of two geometries intersect
MBROverlaps()Whether MBRs of two geometries overlap
MBRTouches()Whether MBRs of two geometries touch
MBRWithin()Whether MBR of one geometry is within MBR of another
MLineFromText(), MultiLineStringFromText()Construct MultiLineString from WKT
MLineFromWKB(), MultiLineStringFromWKB()Construct MultiLineString from WKB
MPointFromText(), MultiPointFromText()Construct MultiPoint from WKT
MPointFromWKB(), MultiPointFromWKB()Construct MultiPoint from WKB
MPolyFromText(), MultiPolygonFromText()Construct MultiPolygon from WKT
MPolyFromWKB(), MultiPolygonFromWKB()Construct MultiPolygon from WKB
MultiLineString()Contruct MultiLineString from LineString values
MultiPoint()Construct MultiPoint from Point values
MultiPolygon()Construct MultiPolygon from Polygon values
NumGeometries()Return number of geometries in geometry collection
NumInteriorRings()Return number of interior rings in Polygon
NumPoints()Return number of points in LineString
Overlaps()Whether MBRs of two geometries overlap
Point()Construct Point from coordinates
PointFromText()Construct Point from WKT
PointFromWKB()Construct Point from WKB
PointN()Return N-th point from LineString
PolyFromText(), PolygonFromText()Construct Polygon from WKT
PolyFromWKB(), PolygonFromWKB()Construct Polygon from WKB
Polygon()Construct Polygon from LineString arguments
SRID()Return spatial reference system ID for geometry
StartPoint()Start Point of LineString
Touches()Whether one geometry touches another
Within()Whether MBR of one geometry is within MBR of another
X()Return X coordinate of Point
Y()Return Y coordinate of Point