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2.10.8 Installing MySQL from Source on Windows Building MySQL from the Standard Source Distribution Building MySQL from a Windows Source Distribution Installing MySQL from a Source Build on Windows Testing a Windows Source Build Creating a Windows Source Package from the Bazaar Repository

These instructions describe how to build binaries from source for MySQL 5.0 on Windows. Instructions are provided for building binaries from a standard source distribution or from the Bazaar tree that contains the latest development source.


The instructions here are strictly for users who want to test MySQL on Microsoft Windows from the latest source distribution or from the Bazaar tree. For production use, we do not advise using a MySQL server built by yourself from source. Normally, it is best to use precompiled binary distributions of MySQL that are built specifically for optimal performance on Windows by Oracle Corporation. Instructions for installing binary distributions are available in Section 2.10, “Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows”.

To build MySQL on Windows from source, you must satisfy the following system, compiler, and resource requirements:

There are three solutions available for building from the source code on Windows:

If you find something not working as expected, or you have suggestions about ways to improve the current build process on Windows, please send a message to the win32 mailing list. See Section 1.6.1, “MySQL Mailing Lists”.