12.16 Miscellaneous Functions

Table 12.20 Miscellaneous Functions

DEFAULT()Return the default value for a table column
GET_LOCK()Get a named lock
INET_ATON()Return the numeric value of an IP address
INET_NTOA()Return the IP address from a numeric value
IS_FREE_LOCK()Checks whether the named lock is free
IS_USED_LOCK()Checks whether the named lock is in use. Return connection identifier if true.
MASTER_POS_WAIT()Block until the slave has read and applied all updates up to the specified position
NAME_CONST()Causes the column to have the given name
RAND()Return a random floating-point value
RELEASE_LOCK()Releases the named lock
SLEEP()Sleep for a number of seconds
UUID_SHORT()Return an integer-valued universal identifier
UUID()Return a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID)
VALUES()Defines the values to be used during an INSERT