25.8 MySQL for Excel FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions, with Answers.


Questions and Answers

26.8.1: I installed the MySQL for Excel plugin, but can't find it in Microsoft Excel. How do I start it?

The MySQL for Excel plugin is automatically added to Microsoft Excel's data menu when it is installed. Look for the MySQL for Excel icon, by default it will be listed on the right side of the main menu.

If it's not there, then you might have to reinstall the plugin. But before doing so, first check if it's listed under "Add/Remove Programs" in Microsoft Windows. If not, then it has not been installed. Next, check the Excel Add-Ins list. For Office 2007 this is found by clicking the Office logo in Excel (top left corner), click Excel Options, then select Add-Ins. Is MySQL for Excel listed as a COM Add-in? If so, then consider filing a bug report (bugs.mysql.com), or attempt to reinstall the plugin.

26.8.2: I click on Edit Data and after importing the table data into Excel, I can't sort or move columns around. How can I do that?

In order to maintain the mapping of rows and columns in the Excel Worksheet against the rows and columns in the MySQL table, no alteration is permitted on the worksheet (i.e. sorting, deleting rows, deleting columns). If you need to alter the data there you can do that by right-clicking the Edit Data window and selecting Exit Edit Mode.

26.8.3: When editing a MySQL table's data, the Excel worksheet where the data is dumped is protected. How can unprotect it?

The Excel worksheet is protected to not allow alterations to the order of rows and columns. The password used for the protection is a GUID auto-generated at runtime so that the protection is not violated in any way. If you wish to unprotect the worksheet to manipulate your data, you can do that by right-clicking the Edit Data window and selecting Exit Edit Mode.

26.8.4: The MySQL Workbench connections that use SSH tunneling appear grayed out (disabled) in MySQL for Excel. How can I use a SSH connection?

This is a known limitation of MySQL for Excel. MySQL for Excel uses MySQL Connector/NET to connect and communicate with MySQL databases. Connector/NET does not have SSH support, so the behavior will change if Connector/NET supports it in the future.