25.1 Installing and Configuring

MySQL for Excel is a product for Microsoft Windows, and it is installed with MySQL Installer. And typically you will not be required to install or configure additional tools to use MySQL for Excel.

MySQL for Excel Download

Either install MySQL for Excel using the MySQL Installer for Windows (a system that manages installations and updates for all MySQL products on Windows), or download and execute the standalone file. The download links are as follows:

MySQL for Excel Requirements

The MySQL Installer installation process will check if these requirements are met, or notify you if further action is required before proceeding with the installation.

MySQL for Excel is loaded and executed by selecting the Data menu tab in Excel, and then choosing the "MySQL for Excel" Database icon. This opens a new Excel sidebar with the available MySQL for Excel options. The navigation bar with the MySQL for Excel icon is shown in the following screenshot:

Figure 25.1 The MySQL for Excel navigation bar

The MySQL for Excel navigation bar


While each action, such as Import MySQL Data, has its own set of options, this section describes the global options that affect the entire plugin.

Figure 25.2 The MySQL for Excel configuration: Global Options

The MySQL for Excel configuration: Global Options