Installing MySQL Proxy from a Source Distribution

You can download a source package and compile the MySQL Proxy yourself. To build from source, you must have the following prerequisite components installed:


On some operating systems, you might need to manually build the required components to get the latest version. If you have trouble compiling MySQL Proxy, consider using a binary distributions instead.

After verifying that the prerequisite components are installed, configure and build MySQL Proxy:

shell> tar zxf mysql-proxy-0.8.5.tar.gz
shell> cd mysql-proxy-0.8.5
shell> ./configure
shell> make

To test the build, use the check target to make:

shell> make check

You can install using the install target:

shell> make install

By default, mysql-proxy is installed into /usr/local/sbin/mysql-proxy. The Lua example scripts are installed into /usr/local/share.