SSL Command Options

This section describes options that specify whether to use SSL and the names of SSL certificate and key files. These options can be given on the command line or in an option file. They are not available unless MySQL has been built with SSL support. See Section, “Building MySQL with SSL Support”. For examples of suggested use and how to check whether a connection is secure, see Section, “Configuring MySQL to Use SSL Connections”. (There are also --master-ssl* options that can be used for setting up a secure connection from a slave replication server to a master server; see Section 16.1.3, “Replication and Binary Logging Options and Variables”.)

Table 6.8 SSL Option/Variable Summary

NameCmd-LineOption FileSystem VarStatus VarVar ScopeDynamic
have_openssl  Yes GlobalNo
have_ssl  Yes GlobalNo
ssl-caYesYes  GlobalNo
- Variable: ssl_ca  Yes GlobalNo
ssl-capathYesYes  GlobalNo
- Variable: ssl_capath  Yes GlobalNo
ssl-certYesYes  GlobalNo
- Variable: ssl_cert  Yes GlobalNo
ssl-cipherYesYes  GlobalNo
- Variable: ssl_cipher  Yes GlobalNo
ssl-keyYesYes  GlobalNo
- Variable: ssl_key  Yes GlobalNo